If you want to fill in and send the application, proceed as follows:

1. Prepare basic materials containing the data required for filling in the application:
    -passport and documents of any started, passed and unfinished studies
    -list of  study/research stays abroad(year, length, place, purpose) for the last 5 years
    -motivation letter (maximum 1000 characters)
2. Create a personal e-mail address if you do not have one. You will need the address to log in to the register of applications and any further communication regarding this scholarship programme (Czech Government Scholarship).

3. Check whether you have installedAcrobat Reader for printing the application in PDF format (in case of invitation to an interview).
    4. Before filling in relevant boxes in the application,read the instructions carefully - click on the question mark sign.  It is not necessary to fill in the application at once. The data will be saved after clicking on the box "continue with the application later on“. It is possible to return to it after logging in to the system again.
      5. Send the completed electronic application for the academic year 2024/25- click on the green box to send the application.

      6. Fill in the necessary tests: for studying in the Czech language -Test of General Academic Prerequisites (Knowledge test)
                                                        for studying in English -Test of English language + Test of General Academic Prerequisites (Knowledge test)

      The test can be taken at any time after sending the application. Tests are available after re-logging in to the register of applications until 30.9.
      Your entire application will be accepted and evaluated only after completing the necessary test.
          Beware of the old browsers (Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8) as they might cause problems. Firefox is the best browser  to use for applications.